11 December 2011

Pray For Justin Bieber♥

K, look at the picture. I saw my friend, Allya Teesha's status on Facebook. I panicked! Like seriously. I panicked as if it was my own brother who's sick! Oh c'mon! I know you might think ''Justin Bieber don't know you anyway'' or ''Justin Bieber doesn't even know you exist!'' but hey! This is what a TRUE BELIEBER do okay! And Im a TRUE BELIEBER. And btw, who said Justin Bieber doesn't even know I exist? Im a Belieber and Justin knows Belieber exist right? K cut the crap. Talking bout Teesha's status, like seriously, Im scared. But guys, don't TWEET anything about this. Cause...gahh look at the picture! And, please guys, please..if you're a TRUE BELIEBER and if you really am a Belieber, please PRAY FOR JUSTIN<3 pleaseeeee aye? :3 and also, please spread this everywhere, except for Twitter. Thanks Belieber! xx  
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09 December 2011


ASDFGHJKL  Like OH MY GOSH he's so HOT! Meet my HEARTBEAT Mr.Liam Payne♥ amigos! Gaaaah, he's so cute and freaking HOT! *drools* gahaha! And awwwwwww ;) he said he loves Niall

Meet my another HEARTBEAT ♥ Mr.Niall Horan♥ isn't he cuteeeeeee! Both Liam Payne and Niall Horan is mine okayyyy! So backoff! :P heeeeee. Don't try to steal 'em from me. They're freaking mine! Hoho.

Here's a picture of both of 'em. Awwwwwwwww They're so SWEET! But, THEY'RE NOT GAY OKAY! F you for saying that!

Here's another picture of 'em. Gaaaash, they're freaking cute! *faints* both of this dude are mine! Don't try to steal 'em from me! Jangan mau ikut-ikut sana! Tampar muka kau sampai kuyak rabak! Ish. Bencilah dekat COPYCAT ni. Pffffttttt. Okay bye! Adeus amigos! xx muahhhhhh Liam Payne and Niall Horan. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 
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22 August 2011

teeshadzaen (:

Haii (: hihihi. Aweshuuuum kan kami? Ohyeahhh! \m/ kami memang aweshuuuum! From the left- Teesha Awesome, Adza Hawt and Bella Gorgeous. HIHIHIHI. Kami memang sotsot sikit. Sikit jaa laa k? Tia banyak :p wahaha! Kiliek baa kami ne xD haha! Well, hate us? MIDDLEFINGER LAAAAAA, NAHHH! .|. wahahaha. HATERSMACAMKAUTUHHBOLEHPIGIMATIKAY? Coz we don't care eh eh eh eh. LOL xD hihihihi. well, tuhh jaaa laa k? BABAAAAAAILOVAAA-

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08 July 2011

BEBEH SAYA (: -Teesha-

Ne lagi satu BEBEH saya yg awesome! :D kiut kan dea? NO,NO,NO, bukan yg BUDAKBUDAK KICIKK YG KIUT GILABABI tuhh, yg TUA BANGKA suda tuhh baa. xD haha. kiut kan? NO, bukan dea tpi tuhh budak xD haha. santekkk kan? YEA, DEA ! :p haha. aihh, merepek suda ak ne. anuu, nama dea, Aliyah Tisha Lammert a.k.a Allya Teesha :D ANAK URANG PUTIH NE JOOOOO, mana kau mau cari ? dimana mana seja ba kan? belambak juga xD HAHA. buduh. em, saya SAYANGGG ini perempuan SANGATSANGAT. dea GILA, HYPER, KUAT MEREPEK, HYPER, SANTEK :p , HYPER, BIKINPANAS, HYPERRRRRRRRRRR ! :DDD dea laa selalu HYPER d school. haha. BAHAYA ne dea, so jangan KAMU AMBIK dea, saya tandangg kamu. aikk, saya pula yg bahaya, bukan dea xD HAHA. kamu benci dea ? kamu nampak ne PENUMBUK sa? mau kanaaa? haha. kinapa ak DOGO ne xD hahaha. walaupun LAST YEAR, sa selalu gaduh sma dea sbb sy t'ikut2 c !#@$ tuhh, this year, hope FRIENDSHIP kami ok jaa (: Best Friends Are Hard To Find Coz The Very Best One Are Already MINE (=
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BEBEH SAYA (: -Bella-

GORGEOUS kan ne budak? eh, budak? o.O TUA sudaa lorh xD hahaha. Nurulain Nabella Affendy a.k.a Chika Nabella :D ee, BEBEH saya ne jgn kw mw AMBIK. tampar pala kau. hihihi. saya SAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG ini perempuan, sampai mati k? (: dea kawan paling awesome saya pernah jumpa. dea cool :p , chill and ITIK. hihi. u know why i said that? cause, eventhough right now im dating her ex, dea cool jaa~ as if it's not even bugging her. kalau SAYA, nahh, saya pancung2 kepala kau tuh! HAHA. well, mestilaa bha masi ada feeling kan even suda ex? SIKIT pun mesti ada jwa tuhh. yea i know, coz saya pun pernah ada EX bha (: weee~ so, i feel lucky enough to have her as my friend. and no matter what, i'll do anything, get it? ANYTHING, to make her happy. cause FRIENDSHIP is important mahh~ Best Friends Are Hard To Find Coz The Very Best One Are Already MINE (=
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20 February 2011


FRIENDS? 7letters word that i can't live 7seconds without. but what about them? does they think that way too? em, some maybe yes, and some maybe NOT. huhuhu~ yeayea. no friend is a backstabber ! but i was like WTF?! when i hear that quote. like shit man, i've been stabbed so many time by some kind of idiotic whore! goshh. it's bullshit man! and i can't tolerate with that! yeaa, maybe they called me as their bestfriend. but how can we know! they were actually calling us as a biatch behind our back. damnit. what a madafakingbiatch. huhu~ well its okayy. now i've found whose my true bestfriend are. (: thanks to the motherfucking sluth who has been my SO CALLED BESTFRIEND all this while (; i appreciated all of ur drama girl. thankyou c;

adza de lala. bieber shawty.


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