08 July 2011

BEBEH SAYA (: -Bella-

GORGEOUS kan ne budak? eh, budak? o.O TUA sudaa lorh xD hahaha. Nurulain Nabella Affendy a.k.a Chika Nabella :D ee, BEBEH saya ne jgn kw mw AMBIK. tampar pala kau. hihihi. saya SAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG ini perempuan, sampai mati k? (: dea kawan paling awesome saya pernah jumpa. dea cool :p , chill and ITIK. hihi. u know why i said that? cause, eventhough right now im dating her ex, dea cool jaa~ as if it's not even bugging her. kalau SAYA, nahh, saya pancung2 kepala kau tuh! HAHA. well, mestilaa bha masi ada feeling kan even suda ex? SIKIT pun mesti ada jwa tuhh. yea i know, coz saya pun pernah ada EX bha (: weee~ so, i feel lucky enough to have her as my friend. and no matter what, i'll do anything, get it? ANYTHING, to make her happy. cause FRIENDSHIP is important mahh~ Best Friends Are Hard To Find Coz The Very Best One Are Already MINE (=
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