Owner Of This Blog :)

Assalamualaikum :)
Hello there, Im the Owner of this Blog :) hee.
The name's Adzasyafrina. Adza or Lala for short. Im just a normal fourteen years old girl who's living her teenage dream. Im A HUGE FAN of One Direction <3 oh yes, Im a DIRECTIONER! Problem? And Im a FOREVER BELIEBER <3 Ooh ooh, Megan Nicole is freaking adorable isn't she? And guess what? IM HER FAN! :) heee. I don't give a daaaamn bout haters. My life, my rules. Don't like me? Get out of here. :) I don't need such pathetic losers in my page. :) love me? Loveee you more mate! Muahh. Hee. Any questions or ANYTHING, just add me on my Facebook aye luvies? Ok, bye <3
Thanks For Reading! Have A Nice Day! xo