11 December 2011

Pray For Justin Bieber♥

K, look at the picture. I saw my friend, Allya Teesha's status on Facebook. I panicked! Like seriously. I panicked as if it was my own brother who's sick! Oh c'mon! I know you might think ''Justin Bieber don't know you anyway'' or ''Justin Bieber doesn't even know you exist!'' but hey! This is what a TRUE BELIEBER do okay! And Im a TRUE BELIEBER. And btw, who said Justin Bieber doesn't even know I exist? Im a Belieber and Justin knows Belieber exist right? K cut the crap. Talking bout Teesha's status, like seriously, Im scared. But guys, don't TWEET anything about this. Cause...gahh look at the picture! And, please guys, please..if you're a TRUE BELIEBER and if you really am a Belieber, please PRAY FOR JUSTIN<3 pleaseeeee aye? :3 and also, please spread this everywhere, except for Twitter. Thanks Belieber! xx  
Thanks For Reading! Have A Nice Day! xo

09 December 2011


ASDFGHJKL  Like OH MY GOSH he's so HOT! Meet my HEARTBEAT Mr.Liam Payne♥ amigos! Gaaaah, he's so cute and freaking HOT! *drools* gahaha! And awwwwwww ;) he said he loves Niall

Meet my another HEARTBEAT ♥ Mr.Niall Horan♥ isn't he cuteeeeeee! Both Liam Payne and Niall Horan is mine okayyyy! So backoff! :P heeeeee. Don't try to steal 'em from me. They're freaking mine! Hoho.

Here's a picture of both of 'em. Awwwwwwwww They're so SWEET! But, THEY'RE NOT GAY OKAY! F you for saying that!

Here's another picture of 'em. Gaaaash, they're freaking cute! *faints* both of this dude are mine! Don't try to steal 'em from me! Jangan mau ikut-ikut sana! Tampar muka kau sampai kuyak rabak! Ish. Bencilah dekat COPYCAT ni. Pffffttttt. Okay bye! Adeus amigos! xx muahhhhhh Liam Payne and Niall Horan. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! 
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